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"If, by chance, something less or more proper or necessary I omitted, your indulgence for me is entreated, as there is no one who is without fault, and in all things altogether circumspect." - Fibonacci

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Structure - Function - Control - Logic 
Structure - You should be able to tell yourself in less then twenty words how your trades are thought out.
Function - trading is about a never ending process of that structure, we buy, we sell, we sell, we buy, we profit, we take a defined loss.
Control - You are in control, not the market, no hesitation, no if's, no buts, no why's. One click away from profit or loss.
Logic - not some bias, not some emotion, not some fake news, not some dogma, we trade in the moment. The two things you need to learn in trading?
One - Is Take A Loss
 Two - Which Takes Even Longer To Learn - Is Take The Profit.

Think of it this way if the top ten trading rooms for futures only average $34.00 to $80.00 a trade. Then that there says alot.
Five to eight trades a day would net you $170.00 to $640.00 a day.
You have to have a goal, a hourly, or a daily goal, then you stop. For the hour or for the day.
One day in trading can be a hell ride, one hour at a time is much easier to handle. 

Go to  Click On Trade Titans Link. Wonderful site of insight.

What Time Frame & Whats On You Chart - Use Whatever You Find Your Brain Works With
Try A One Hour Chart - One Hour At A Time. Gives A Broad-View & Of The Strength Of What Your Trading. In Reference With The Fivots.
 Some sort of trigger chart for entry or exit and or range trading - ping pong.
10 Day 20 Point Range Candle Works Well In TOS.
In The Small Time Frames Computer Al go's, Robots Are Trading. They'll Drive You Nuts.
It depends alot on your trading platform with tick and range bars, the delivery of data or the lack of.
With think or swim five days is max for tick bars and 10 days is the only setting that paints in real time for range bars.
Some days even that data flow is slow to paint.

Hierarchy - Structure
1. Pre Trip - Whats The Overall Strength In The Market Or Underlying - One Day - One Week
I will not use the word trend, strength is a much better word, learn to identify that strength, short term, long term. I look for that strength with Stochastic & Fivots.

2. Where Is Price In Relation To The Fivots?

3. Where Is Stochastic, Is it Overbought Or Oversold - Is It Holding In The 60,70,80 Range Or Holding In The 40,30,20 Range.
Think Of It As Speed, Is The Market Going 20mph, 40mph, 60mph, 80mph.

4. Entry, Stop Loss, Exit, So Important, If You Took Everything Off The Chart & Used Fivots Only Where Would Logic Dictate The Trade.

Try a 8EMA, which is The T Line, 38EMA and  a 100EMA. Most traders will have a 20ema, a 50ema and a 200ema, etc, etc.
  Have Fivots, major levels for the year and levels between those majors if the spreads are wide.
Tight spreads use the majors only. They remain the same across all time frames.
Try Stochastic, one set at 5,3,2, (5,3,2 - another Fibonacci sequence)to show strength & direction, IE overbought, oversold.

Most of the time its all about the Fivots. The Moving Averages On Certain Days - Every Hour, Every Day, Every Underlying Is Different.

Last But Not Least, Do You Really Understand The Basics?, Do You Understand Your Trading Platform?
Do You Have Your DOM Set Up, Especially If Trading The E,Minis. Can You Set A Conditional Order On A Option Trade?
With The DOM You Can Rapid Buy & Sell, Rapid Move Stops Around. Pre Place Stops & Limit Orders. It's Your Job To Know Your Craft.

Fivots - Pivots That Are Scripted With The Decimal Numbers Of Fibonacci

Stochastic - A Good Cross Over Reflecting Strength & Direction - Script On Indicators Page

George Lane had the right idea, get up and trade in the morning & then take a nap and go live. Stochastic is the letters K and D from the alphabet
George Lane & Stochastic
RSI - Good Indicator, Reflecting Strength & Direction - Script On Indicators Page For Triple RSI & Or Single RSI

J. Wells Wilder & RSI
 Percent R - Good Indicator,
I Cannot Build One Where It Has A Cross Over Like MACD, Stochastic, or RSI.
Larry Williams took the letter R from the alphabet
Larry Williams Percent R
 MACD - It Will Drive You Insane In Today's Never Ending Changing Markets - It's So Slow

Moving Averages - They Matter Right Up To Where They Dont & They Dont Right Up To Where They Do

Trading Platform
Our preferred platform is think or swim, for many reasons, script editing, real time paper account for practice and testing.
The only one known to have a real paper trading side to it is TOS think or swim.
If you fund a real account with TD Ameritrade ask them to set the paper side of the account to real time, otherwise it is delayed data.

Think or Swim
The DOM in TOS - Bid, Price, Ask, Sell Orders, Buy Orders.
In a instant you can buy, sell, set a stop, set a limit. Plan ahead, it forces your brain to be mindful of what your doing and the market is doing.
If you wont trade with a stop that controls a loss, then consider a 400 point drop in 30 minutes as the /YM did on Dec. 1st 2017.

A One Hour Chart - Certainly One Could Capture The Price Action Of One Hour
Structure - Large Lines Are Major Year Fivots - Small Lines Are Day Fivots
  8EMA & Hull Cross Arrows &  5,3,2 Stochastic with cross arrows.
The Stochastic Is Color Coded For Easier Viewing

We Try To Hard When Trading - Simple One Hour Chart - Major & Minor Fivots - Hull Cross Arrows - Candle Formation - Time Of Day

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